Zhou Zi Jin 周子谨


Zhou Zi Jinís painting reveals a state of the lives of the Chinese people captured in his own experiences. It tells a story about Chinese people and their feelings.  

 Zhou put fragments of the lives  into a totally abstract time and space. When those fragments are extracted from reality and set into this special time and space, they take on a different meaning. They become fixed and eternal. Through his painting, we can get a good close look at the truths of life

  His painting is ambiguous, as is essential of Surrealism. What makes his painting even more interesting is the simple, calm and geometric abstract world he creates. Zhou provides a space in which the viewer can enlarge his thoughts. While his sunlight, shadow, and almost neutral tones show a quiet distance filled with subtle emotions - happiness, sadness, anxiety or satisfaction , while the open window and the airplane still let you know his heart is flying with hope and love.


The Vegetable Farmer

oil on canvas        64.5 x 49"

Day Dream

oil on canvas        45 x 27.5"


Expression No. 2

oil on canvas        28.5 x 21"


Expression No. 3

oil on canvas        40 x 16"


Expression No. 4

oil on canvas        18 x 14"


My Son

oil on canvas        55 x 38"



oil on canvas        18 x 21"


Missing you

oil on canvas        63 x 39"


Golden Light

oil on canvas        13 x 24"



oil on canvas        160 x 130 cm