Ming Jing 明镜

Min Jing (b.1959),  graduated from Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts with B.A. degree 1983. Now he lives and teaches in China, his paintings have both the charm of ink painting and oils. The rhythms created through tension and looseness with sensitive fine lines while brushing bold and textured strokes with strong gestures stirred your nerves. He manipulated bright and dark, black and white, thickness and thinness, emptiness and fullness in a masterly way that looked effortless and seemed inhuman. You can always sense his drifting lightness without feeling attached to anything, the handsome and free and also romantic and poetic or even humorous natures in his art, and wonder how could he remain his purity and detachment in the contemporary world.

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A Interesting Book

oil on canvas                   65 x 80 cm

A Girl's Bed Room in Spring Time

oil on canvas               55 x 47" 

At Sea Side

oil on canvas       100 x 80 cm


oil on canvas     50 x 60 cm

At Bed Room

oil on canvas           65 x 80 cm

Quiet  sold

oil on canvas                        65 x 80 cm


oil on canvas           64 x 98 cm


Gentle Gaze

oil on canvas                  64 x 98 cm


oil on canvas        31.5 x 39.5"

Taking A Picture   for A Fair Lady  sold

oil on canvas           31.5 x 39.5"

A Girl With Flower  sold

oil on canvas        39.5 x 31.5"

Er Hu   sold

oil on canvas              80 x 56 cm

Fly  NFS

oil on canvas           35 x 35""


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Reclined Nude

oil on canvas           31.5 x 39.5"