George Semsel  and Yang Jing -The Streets of West Yarmouth

May 26- June 8, 2018

George Semsel

Professor Emeritus, Dr. Semsel, who taught for many years in the School of Film at Ohio University, has long based his aesthetics in the snapshot and home movie as opposed to the formalities and technical trappings of the film studio and commercial photography. This is most evident in his collection of personal films on and is reflected in the current show. His recent work, which centers on the local neighborhood on Cape Cod where he now lives, is divided into three related studies: the serendipitous patterns found on the local streets which he finds often reflective of Chinese calligraphy; furniture, sofas primarily, offered for free at the curb to anyone who wants them, and, as one would anticipate, the more general shots of people enjoying the pleasures of Cape Cod.


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Yang Jing




Yang Jing studied ceramics under Brad Schwieger at Ohio University, and later undertook a residency with Jackson Li at the Sanbao Ceramic Art Institute in Jingdezhen, China. Her work has been displayed at the Provincetown Art Association Museum, the Wa Collection, and the Art Tao Water Art Gallery on Cape Cod. It has also been selected for inclusion in the Shiwan Ceramics Museum in Guangdong, China.